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Quality is the crux of any business. This is the one thing that cannot be compromised and this constant belief has led Pyramid Technoplast Pvt. Ltd. to come up as the figure head in the industry. Our quality is the foremost element of all our efforts and hence we have been able to maintain the highest standards since the start. Some of the tests that we conduct throughout our manufacturing process on our containers comprise:

How do we ensure quality?

As a quality-centric company, we meticulously take care of each little detail to guarantee supreme quality of each product that we produce. Some of our conventions that make us stand by the quality commitments are:

  • Careful monitoring of the production process at each level by the expert team of quality engineers
  • Focused procurement of high quality raw materials
  • Metallurgical testing before production can be approved
  • Regular inspections
  • Different quality testing to ensure the products are defect free

What are the different quality tests that we carry out?

Each of our products has to undergo rigorous testing so that we can proudly say that our products are with zero-defect.
Different tests that we carry out are:

  • Drop Test
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Leakage Test
  • Melt Flow Index test
  • Rolling Test
  • Stake Load Test
  • UV Stabilizer test

Our Monitoring Tests include:

  • Color uniformity test
  • Light test
  • Printing Adhesive Test
  • Weight uniformity test

This is not just it, as the premier IBC containers and drums manufacturer, we put our containers on running trial to gauge their efficiency.

So, when you come to us with your bulk packaging requirements, you can be assured that you have chosen the best destination.

Pick your phone and make a call; the ideal manufacturer of IBC and plastic containers in India is now just few finger clicks away!


MFI: Our test procedure starts right from raw material itself as we test each lot of raw Material Drop Test: We undertake drop one from each side i.e. top, bottom & body portion to ensure total safety of your product during transit Rolling Test: Immediately after the drop test, the drum has to be rolled on the rough surface to ensure there is no leakage from any part especially from the mouth portion of the drum.
Stake Load Test: Drum filled with material was kept one + 2 to ensure to see total pressure on the drum kept on the surface Hydraulic Test: There is a Hydraulic pressure test. Leakage Test: We undertake air pressure test to see there is no leakage from the closures & Seams
UV Stabilizer: Because of the strong Sun Rays passing through the Carboys we use It to protect the containers even if it get expose to the strong sun rays so as to Protect the containers and the material filled. Monitoring Tests Color uniformity test
Light test Weight uniformity test Printing Adhesive Test

The Concept

IBC Barrels
IBC Container
Strong and Sturdy: The products are made out of special grade High Molecular High Density Polyethylene with excellent strength to withstand all transit hazards in any conditions. Standard Designs : Our range includes wide range of latest & standard designs in packaging products to provide you with latest innovative designs and products with ease in handling to provide with complete bulk packing solutions
Compatibility : The material used in production i.e. High Molecular High Density Polyethylene are of food grade (certified) and are compatible with food chemicals, petroleum products, hazardous chemicals, Resins etc. Safety : Our products goes through with multiple tests to pass all of them and use certified virgin raw material only to give you the complete packing solution.
Packaging Standards: Our products confirms national and international packaging standards and are listed with IIP (Indian Institute Of Packaging) to provide you UN Certification and other testing requirements. Price : We believe in right & fair price policy in which we are ready to share information to make you comfortable about on your purchasing decisions.

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