Eco Collection

After end use of the Pyramid Technoplast Intermediate bulk containers, our customers can disposed off the container for the eco friendly reconditioning to our Europe based recollection partner M/S Obal Centrum Limited, who is serving for the reconditioning of intermediate bulk containers in many countries of the world. Our IBC design is according to worldwide acceptance so we offer the recollection service of our container for the others reconditioning business entities also ,worldwide.

We have IBC recollect service in following countries :

Albania Australia Belgium Bosnia
Finland France Germany Hungary
Montenegro Netherlands NewZealand Norway
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia SouthAmerica
Bulgaria Croatia Estonia Europe
Latvia Luxembourg MiddleEast Moldova
Phillipines Poland Romania SaudiArabia
SouthKorea Sweden Thailand UK

For recollection/recycle and disposal of empty Pyramid IBCs, mail us duty filled recollect service form at ecocollect at

Recollect service form can be downloaded at and

For any other countries please write to us at ecocollect at to provide necessary help.